What is Normal?

Normality. During recovery, that was something I longed for. I’d grown up happy and healthy, and to me, these struggles I was facing aged 14 day after day didn’t seem ‘normal’ to me. I looked at my friends who enjoyed food and enjoyed life and wished I could do that too. At the time, I … More What is Normal?

The Voice Within

It’s hard to describe to someone what living with an Eating Disorder is really like. A lot of people throughout my recovery helped me a lot and were able to sympathise…but not necessarily fully understand what it feels like to have this ‘thing’ living with you 24/7. And that’s okay! I would far rather people … More The Voice Within

New Year, New…Hope

We’re officially 2 weeks into 2018. I’ve been thinking about doing a post about this for a while, and the start of the year seems like a pretty logical time to do so. Here we go… ‘New Year, New Me’. Those four words that we hear constantly between the middle of December and middle of … More New Year, New…Hope

What Changed?

There was a stage when I dismissed anyone who tried to help me. When my family and friends were getting worried about my changed eating patterns and weight loss (before I was diagnosed with an Eating Disorder), if anyone tried to have a conversation with me about it I would either nervously laugh and try … More What Changed?